New jersey of Mega Leks left no one indifferent, is unanimous view of the media worldwide. The away jerseys kit premiered at the match against Crvena zvezda Telekom in the first round of ABA league and since then the reaction does not stop.
British “Daily Mirror”, whose website is currently 534. per visit in the world (according to the specialized website for traffic on the Internet: and in the sharp tone began the article and then followed  wrote:
“At first glance, we thought this was abominable strip. However, it’s growing on us somewhat – it’s not like they’re going to be unrecognised. It’ made recognisability into an art form, really. There is something oddly beautiful in it. Fair play, Mega Leks, maybe this kit of isn’t so bad after all”.
The American website “SB Nation” (Sports Blog Nation), which recorded a monthly average of over 50 million visits, conveyed reactions across social networks, and at the end of the article stated that Mega Leks “championship gear is amazing”.
“USA Today”, which is among the 300 most visited websites in the world, is writting about reactions via social networks with the statement “it would be hard to concentrate playing against a team wearing this color scheme. What a statement”.
American basketball website “Dime Magazine”, which was earlier published in the print edition, today under famous website, has also written article on the subject of shirts of Mega Leksa and noting best and funniest comments:
“You have to give them a credit for being unique (Mega Leks). There is not going to be anyone mistaking Mega Leks for different team. They’re the ones wearing the uniforms that will blind you if you stare at them directly”.
“” on uniforms of Mega Leks writes: “They are either the greatest color combinations in uniform history or an affront to basketball fans everywhere”.
With a lot of comments on social networks, to the address the Mega Leks arrived requests for the purchase of new jersey from all parts of the world, like the US, Spain and even from Saudi Arabia.
What was your first reaction when you saw the new uniforms of Mega Lek? We will appreciate your honesty.
Photo: Mega Leks