In a game of round 10 of Superleague, Metalac was better in Valjevo against Mega Leks with 89:70 (23:23, 22:16, 19:14, 25:17). The match was very important in the fight for the postion 3. Metalac celebrated due to better play in second half.

With this loss, Mega remained  in position 4 with the score 4-6 while Metalac is third with 6-4.

Mega Leks started the game with Miljenovic, Zagorac, Keselj, Jokic and Sulovic. Jokic was injured in the first attack but he came back couple minutes later. Metalac started with 10-2 score but Sulovic answered. Metalac had 9 points lead but Webster scored couple of baskets for 23:23.

Metalac begins second quarter with 7:0 but Miljenovic i Webster responded for 34:35. Quarter ended with 6:0 from Metalac and 45:39 at the halftime. Webster had a 16 points at the half.

The second quarter started with better play of Metalac so the results was 56:42. Jokic scored couple of points for minus 8 but Todorovic scored a three for 64:53 before last 10 minutes.
In last quarter, Mega did not have power for turnaround and Webster got 5. personal. Game ended with 89:70.
Cory Webster had 16 points while Nikola Jokic had 14 points and 13 rebounds.

In Metalac Dusan Kutlesic had 15 points and Nikola Jevtovic had 14 points and 8 rebounds.

Mega Leks: Keselj, Krstic 6 pts, Jaramaz 2 pts, Veljkovic 3 pts, Miljenovic 5 pts, Bojic, Jokic 14 pts, 13 reb and 4 as, Sulovic 9 pts, Webster 16 pts, Simovic 6 pts, Zagorac 9 poena, Simeunovic.

Nenad Sulovic:“An extremely dificult and important game which Metalac played more competitive. They wanted victory more than us. We entered tight in a match. I congratulate the opponent and we continue our fight for 4th place“.

Dejan Milojevic:“Better and more combative team won with more energy. My team was physicaly and mentaly exhausted after the 2 last defeats. I hope next year this all will be better planed. We played three decicive games in 6 days. We are playing against teams that are worse than us and we need to prove that in a field. Congratulations to Metalac, they are better team, they won 3 of 4 games this season“.