Team of Serbia defeated completed the first part of the European Championships in Slovenia. Within 5 car group “B” selectors chosen Dusan Ivkovic lost in Jesenice selection of Montenegro in the game without competitive significance. Earlier it was known to our team regardless of the outcome of this match to take first place in the group and in the second phase of “Eurobasket 2013” to transfer a maximum of four points. That is why coach Ivković rested captain Nenad Krstic and playmaker Stefan Markovic, and gave an opportunity to players who have played less in the first four games. Our best players are a great start, quickly gained a double-digit lead, had full control of the game 30 minutes, but in the fourth quarter suddenly caved in, especially in defense as they were on the losing end cost: Serbia – Montenegro 76:83 (25:19, 13:14, 21:20, 18:29). 

The fact that there is no clash competitive significance not surrender our starting five: Micic, Bogdanovic, Kalinic, and minnow Katic already after seven minutes there is a 11-point lead – 19-8. However, by the end of the first quarter that was otherwise marked by Rasko Katic (11 points), the Montenegrin team was able to halve the gap – 25-19, and 13. After a few minutes of quick counterattacks get the score – 27:27. Something stronger and faster play defense, and with  points of Nikole Kalinic, Bogdan Bogdanovic and Nemanja Bjelice Serbian team went to halftime with a minimum advantage – 37:34. 

Results of the end, was in favor of the national team of Montenegro, 76-83.

SERBIA: Nedović 5, Nemanja Krstic, 3, 4 Micic, Bogdanovic, 14, 11 Bjelica, Markovic, Kalinic 7 Gagić 6, Nenad Krstic, Andjusic 3 Katic 19, Stimac 4

MONTENEGRO: Vucevic 8, Bakic 2, Suad Šehović 8, A. Popovic, 10, Sead Šehović 7, 8 Ivanovic, Bjelice 11, 12 Rice, M. Popovic, 11, Dubljević.