After a great struggle and hard match Mega lost to BC Buducnost Voli,  the score 83:76, and to the quarters 24:14, 19:19, 13:17, 27:26. In Mega’s team the best was Nemanja Radovic with 21 points, followed by Miljenovic with 16 and Jokic with 14 points.

Nikola Jokic, center of Mega Vizura:

“ We opened the game very bad, we were in minus by 10 points, but Buducnost had a great struck by two points in the first half, more than 90 percent. Below, we started to play our game and  to run, we’re here to minus two or three, but we lost some points when it mattered most. BC Buducnost  had a good shooting night, and I congratulate them on the victory.”

Dejan Milojevic, coach of Mega Vizura:

“My team has shown that we can play with the best in the league, and I believe that Buducnost is one of the best and that we can play equally. We went into the match very bad, Buducnost was aggressive, and we did not hit them. We went into their rhythm, with long attacks,  a small number of points, which does not suit us, and we do not have what you’re looking for.  We play fast with large number of points and when  we started to play that way, we’re back in the game. Buducnost had a shooting night, particularly Ivanovic and Mihailovic. “

BUDUCNOST: Sehovic 14, Mihailovic 14, M. Popovic 3, Subotic 7, Komatina, Mugosa, Vitkovac  5, Protic, A. Popovic 8, Akindejl 14, Ivanovic 16, Kolman 2.

MEGA VIZURA: Reljic 2, Dangubic, Avramovic 4, Micic 5, Lukovic 5, Radovic 21, Miljenovic 16, Jokic 13, Varda 6, Tijanic, Milovanovic 4, Miskovic.