Debut in society ABA basketball players in their court Mega Vizura marked the defeat. Points from Smederevo, more than deservedly carries the Croatian champion team Cedevite.
The last game of the first round in the ABA league season 2013-2014 in the sports hall in Smederevo, followed by about a thousand fans of the game under the hoop. They were able to see for themselves the strength and quality of Jasmina Repesa.
Players of both teams walked nervously into the game. However, the hand is somehow squeezed home players who are in the first few minutes of missed several clear slam dunk. During this time the people of Zagreb naštelovali sighting device and slowly began to make a difference. Thanks to the excellent sportsmanship dark-Smith Cedevita the first part ended with a plus six points (21:15).
Dejan Milojevic elect not to give in and managed during the other 10 minutes to maintain some – such a connection . At the half time break with a solid nine- point advantage for Cedevitu .
The first minutes of the second match was marked by domestic players . In less than three minutes, the score was reduced to just two points 44:42 . They had the opportunity to Meg’s basketball team to take the lead but a great desire made ​​a few mistakes as experienced customers know that penalties over delicate Smith , Zubcic and dusk.
The middle of the fourth quarter Cedevita ‘s lead to 15 points and then it was clear that the credits go to Zagreb. The team Dejan Milojevic great game provided Nenad Miljenović with 9 points, five assists and index 17 Ratko Varda and Nemanja Dangubic threw for 14 and 11 points added Nemanja Radovic. He was not that better performance Vase Micic and Nemanja Krstic, who finished the match with two inserted points .
Cedevitu was led to victory Nolan Derek Smith with 21 rim , 7 assists , and as many rebounds and three steals , which was enough for the index performance 29 Košgetereski solid performance were still Tomislav Zubcic with 14 and Goran Suton with 12 goals .
– We were expecting game like this. We knew we were waiting for a young team that is fighting for every ball. It often happens that you made ​​a difference to the players of Mega Vizura allow easy points. We have a lot of things to change if we want to win the next round of Krka – said at a press conference strategist Cedevite Jasmine Repesa.
– We played against a very talented team which has players who will play superb basketball. We have prepared well but we have nevertheless made ​​a lot of mistakes. At the end, we’ve typed victory and away the most important thing. I have to thank you for your hospitality and I think that Mega Vizura will be a big club – said one of the best on the team Cedevite Tomislav Zubcic.
– Cedevita deserved to win. We have repeatedly ten or more points. We managed to get back but we lacked the knowledge and the energy to bring the match to an uncertain ending. Cedeviti Congratulations on your victory. Us this game was a great experience and I hope that we will from one game to get better – said the press Nenad Miljenović.
-Cedevita was the favorite in this match, and this role is justified. Expertly used by our mistakes. Too many missed slam dunk and turnovers allowed Cedeviti easy points. Whenever we were able to reduce the difference we are going to lose the ball. I think we played the entire game in a spasm. I expect that as time goes on we will play better and better – said coach Dejan Milojevic Mega Vistas.
Game in Smederevo, along with numerous experts from the world of basketball, former players, was also  recently Serbian national basketball team coach Dusan Ivkovic with his assistant Alexander Kesar.
Mega Vizura: Reljic, Krstic 2, Dangubic 17, Djokovic, Micic 2, Lukovic 5, Radovic 11, Miljenović 9, Veljkovic, Jokic 5, Varda 11, Tijanić.
Cedevita: Zubcic 14, Ramljak, Mustapić, Babic 8, Dellas 7, Smith 21, Sunset 12, Bilan 4, Jelenek, Nurkic 6, Baltic, Bazdaric.
Complete statistics can be found here.