In addition to the great struggle, effort and willingness Mega Vizura failed to Final Radivoje Korac Cup, and lost from Red Star. The match finished with score of 81:80, by quarters 15:31, 27:11, 19:18, 20:20.

 At the beginning of the final game, young players from Mega Vizura managed much better, imposed by the fierce rhythm, controlling jump, play wise on both sides of the field and led by Vasilije Micic, Ratko Varda, Nikola Jokic and Nemanja Dangbić completely surprised red-and-white team. At the beginning of the second quarter team of the coach Dejan Milojevic had as many as 18 points lead – 15:33. From that point defense counsel trophies, suddenly played their cards level of the game on defense, played a lot more aggressive and began to reduce the backlog. From that point defense counsel trophy, played a stronger defense and began to reduce the backlog.

Dejan Milojevic, coach of Mega Vizura:

 “ I am very pleased how we looked at the ground, how we play, how we fought. I’m proud of my players showed courage and maturity. For me, this kind of game is not a surprise. We were close to victory, but in games like these need a bit of luck that was on the side of the Red Star, which is deservedly triumphed. We have to keep working and this tournament will be a great encouragement to us to continue to even stronger rhythm. “

Vailije Micic:

“We went into the match completely relieved, we knew that we could win, and if we lose it will be no big deal.  We opened the game remarkably, I was not aware that at some point lead to 18 points. Such a game in the finals, it means a lot to us mostly because of the experience, the desire to advance. We have seen that we can play with the Red Star in the Final of the Cup, where a one ball is deciding. With Red Star, the best team in ABA league, we played all 40 minutes equally and we are confident we can win.”

CRVENA ZVEZDA TELEKOM: Rebic, Lazic, Blazic 12, Simonovic 7, Marjanovic, Radenovic 6, Katic 21, Tejic, Nelson 15, Dzenkins 20, Stojanovic, Dragićevic.

MEGA VIZURA: Reljic, Krstic, Dangubic 10, Djokovic, Avramovic 1, Micic 18, Lukovic 4, Radovic 12, Miljenovic 7, Jokic 10, Varda 18, Tijanic.