Mega Vizura lost from Red Star with score of 86-98, by quarter 21:22, 22:24,25:27 and 18:25.

In contrast to the Cup finals, where one ball is ruled, Championship leader during the whole game had the advantage on several occasions and ten points. Dejan Milojevic’s chosen not give up and thanks to the excellent Jokic and Micic constantly have managed not to allow the Red star to be outcome. Opportunity for possibly the exciting basketball Mega missed the mid of the last period, when they had a few minutes of idling. It’s Red Star used with several points of counterattack came, finally, to a convincing victory.

Dejan Milojevic, coach of Mega Vizura:

„Red Star is the best team in the league, today they played very well, and we played bad defense. 98 received points is too much to get from a so good team. We had a bad shooting night and this is the main reason for our defeat. In addition, we had a really bad jump in defense. We played tight, a few times we were able to introduce them into our rhythm, but it was not enough to win. I wish the Red stars to continue with great game and to help our country with thair victories.“