BC Mega Vizura achieved six wins in the ABA league, defeated team from Hungary Szolnoki Olaj 95-89, in the quarters of 26:21, 24:27, 16:19, 29:22.

The most effective was Nikola Jokic with 20 points (9-13 from play), with 9 rebounds, Miljenovic was a brilliant with 16 points (3-8 from play), 3 rebounds, 6 assists and 10 received fouls. Nemanja Radovic had 13 points and 10 rebounds, Ratko Varda was even better with 18 points and 11 rebounds, and Dangubic gave 11 points.

As a coach Milojevic, at the press conference said Mega, this time a very good use of offensive jump:

“Congratulations to the players for great playing and victory. Szolnoki Olaj is a great team, especially annoying when it goes off the shoot. This time, thay pushing the zone defense, and we did not want the shot. Luckily we had a very good offensive rebounds. I do not remember if someone had 25 offensive rebounds. Finally we hit some shots for three points and broke the match. It’s hard to play when you play against very good team, and you can’t do nothing to hit. This is a great victory. Follow us very tough five round.”

MEGA VIZURA: Reljic, Dangubic 11, Avramovic 6, Micic 8 (9 assists), Lukovic 3, Radovic 13 (10 rebounds), Miljenovic 16 (6 AS), Jokic 20 (9 rebounds), Varda 18 (11r).

SZOLNOKI OLAJ: Simon 2, Keller 12, Vojvoda 6, Rakic 2, Warren 11, Bader 2, Ivosev 8, Holiday 21, Oliver 17, Lorant 8.