Three matches of youth national teams of Serbia were played on Saturday and players of Mega Leks played in all of them.

Serbia U19 team has successfully started the World Cup which will be held in Crete. In the first round of Group D, Serbia’s national team in an exciting match defeated the Dominican Republic with 82:77 (17:19, 25:21, 19:18, 21:19). Radovan Djokovic scored 9 points.

Serbian U19 national team will meet South Korea in the second round and the match will be played on Sunday at 4:45 pm.

Serbia U20 national team, thanks to the brilliant first half (43:21, 75% hits from the game), qualified for the finals of the tournament, “Turgut Atakol” in Istanbul with a win against Lithuania with 70:66 (26: 8, 17 : 13, 9:19, 18:26). Rade Zagorac scored 9 points and Ognjen Jaramaz had 7 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

U20 national team of Serbia will play in the finals against France and the match will be played from 7:45 pm.

U18 national team of Serbia, is in preparation for the European Championship, which will be held between 23th of July and 2nf of August Greece, played the first control match against Russia and won with the basket in the last second with 69:68 (18:15, 16:18, 13:17, 22:18). Mladen Grusanovic  scored 2 points.

Junior selections of Serbia and Russia will play another match on Sunday at 6 pm in Belgrade.