BC Mega Vizura – BC Sports World 64:62 (19:17, 15:14, 18:20, 12:11)

MVP: Music Novak, BC Mega Vizura.

Mega Vizura: Mladenovic 4, Vicentic, Djordjevic 11, Kalpacina, Music 14, Grusanovic 11, Nakic-Vojinovic 10, Vojinovic 2, Sljivancanin 3, Obradovic, Janketic 9.

Sports World: Eremija 5, Zaric 14, Eric, Miljanic, Kecman, Tesin, Stojanovic, Cabrilo 14, Vujovic 8, Desnica 7, Stefanovic 14, Divjakovic.

Dejan Parezanin:

“Congratulations to the team from Novi Sad, in a fair and correct match and my boys on the fighting spirit and deserved victory. The positive part of our team is a balance between indoor and outdoor games, as seen by jumps and points at the end of the match. We reduced striker BC Sports World on a small number of points and thus get a chance to get to a ball game. Congratulations, my team once again for a deserved win.”