BC Mega Vizura – BC Partizan NIS 64:71  (22:10, 16:22, 15:28, 11:11).

Mega Vizura: Grusanovic 2, Bjelobaba 2, Bogdanovic 4, Popovic 11, Djokovic 11, Jakovljevic 2, Stanojevic 4, Music, Matic 15, Koracin 7, Janketic 6, Sljivancanin.

Partizan NIS: Bojovic 4, Babovic 11, Ilkic, Milosevic 6, Antic, Marinkovic 18, Vranes, Glisic 21, Grujic, Tanaskovic 4, Stanisic, Djordjevic 7.

Simonovic Marko:

“ Great game. In the first half we played a kind of basketball. In the second Partizan took piken roll, that we have them in the first half to take it. It held the initiative in the defense and one-on-one some of their players. At one point the game was five minutes without a basket in the result 60:60. We had solid defense but not adequate to assault resulting Partizan win. Congratulations coach Bucan the excellent work and I wish him luck in the continuation of the league. “