BC Mega Vizura – BC Red Star 61:86 (12:26, 22:22, 12:19, 15:19)

MVP: Srdjan Janketic, BC Mega Vizura

Mega Vizura: Mladenovic 3, Vicentic, Djordjevic 14, Stojanovic, Mujsic 2, Grusanovic 13, Nakic-Vojinovic 6, Vojinovic 3, Sljivancanin 2, Obradovic, Janketic 18.

Crvena zvezda: Brankov, Radovic 7, Rebic, Aranitovic 31, Popovic 6, Vucinic 2, Petrovic 4, Simanic, Radanov 8, Kenic 13, Drljaca 6, Miladinovic 9.

Marko Simonovic:

“ I congratulate the team of Red Star to victory, in the first quarter and made ​​the biggest advantage. The team that is very well prepared and with a clear concept of aggressive play 40 min. We were not able to fight in the first quarter. In the second we played egal, in the third and fourth lost by a small difference. My team has a lot to do, to mature and thrive in the individual and in the collective sense. In these moments we do not have a clear answer to the aggressive defense of the Red Star. We do not have players who can rise above the group and raise the collective consciousness of the team. I, as a coach I will try to fix some things in the near future especially against aggressive game.”

Srdjan Janketić, player of Mega Vizura:

“This was our toughest game so far, we had a desire to win, rather we are ready. Physical fitness of the Red Star and our mistakes have brought us to such a defeat.”