As soon as he came to Mega Leks, a twenty year old French international player Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot already drew attention to himself. Glossy quarterback with 27 points was the most responsible for the first triumph in the history of Mega over Partizan. Impressive in his determination and athletic ability, and a bold approach that in the absence of injured captain Rade Zagorac, he assumed the role of leader. But who is actually Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, for whom is teammates got simpatic nickname – Timotic.

"I started practicing basketball 11 years ago in Antibes in youth teams and I got up to the first team. When I was little, with the best friend Louie, I started to train soccer and briefly tennis, but then we both went to the basketball",

Luwawu story begins.

In the family, nobody was playing sports, and when you ask him for an idol under the hoops, without thinking of answers:

"Paul George definitely, I like his style of play".

By his own admission, arrival in Mega Leks was a big hit:

"Mega is recommended as an excellent environment for the progress of young players and I can already tell you that they were absolutely right. I talked with my friend Boris Dallo who told me that my transition to Mega is the right thing and to make a move because I'm here to have a chance to develop my talent. Certainly is not a mistake and I believe this is the right environment for me",

short pause Luwawu and then continues the story of Mega Leks:

"I like the atmosphere in the club, that we're all young and we hang out. I feel like part of the family. Not only the players but also the people who work at the club, they are all there to help friendly, to give some advice and I am very happy and I feel proud to be a part of it".

About coach Dejan Milojevic he says:

"He works great with the players and has the patience for us. We have tasks to fulfill in the field, but still gives us plenty of freedom in the game and that balance is excellent for promotion of young players. Proof of this is the fact is that a large number of young players from Mega Leks went to big European clubs, even managed to reach the NBA".

Luwawu points out that his stay in Belgrade and way of life in our capital is a very pleasant for him:

"I like Belgrade because it is primarily a very open city, full of energy, and the people are very friendly. I do not have too much free time because of training and matches, but I got to visit the Zoo and the Kalemegdan that I liked a lot. Also, I love to walk along the river where there are very pleasant cafés in which I like to relax with my teammates".

Luwawu did not wanted to skip the story about Sremska Mitrovica:

"We played so far only two games in Sremska Mitrovica, but I like it that comes a lot of the audience and they support us, mainly young people. I especially liked the children's choir singing the national anthem prior every Mega Leks on our field".

Luwawu is fascinated by our kitchen and Serbian specialties:

"I do not have a particular favorite food, but I like very much "Cevapi". The first day upon arrival at the club, we went to the welcome lunch in a restaurant where I tried it Serbian specialties. "Cevapi"I particularly liked, so in my excitement climbed a drop half portion on my pants".

The talented quarterback summed up the impressions from the match with Partizan in which Mega Leks got first win this season in the regional competition (76:59).

"I am proud of that match. We played well, especially in defense, despite injury problems and we all contributed to this victory,  I am particularly pleased because of that. We need to continue in this rhythm. A lot of tough matches are coming, but we as the youngest team of the ABA league have many motives to prove. We will try to play good basketball, to progress from match to match and to make a step forward compared to last season",

concluded Luwawu.

Photo: Mega Leks