On Saturday. 11/23/2013 was held the first Mega Vizura Kids day. Played the exhibition game between the first team of Mega Vizura and children participants Vizura's school of basketball. The coach of the blue team was a young Radovan Djokovic, while the yellow team led by Milenko Veljkovic. Coach Djokovic has successfully led his team to a deserved victory. The most   Nikola Jokic, Nemanja Dangubic and Pavle Reljic, while the yellow team most notable roles were Nikola Tijanic and Marko Lukovic. Important link between the teams were children born in 1999. 2000. 2001. and 2002. The referee of this match was Ratko Varda, a commentator role was taken over by Nenad Miljenovic. Lots of smiles, points, positive atmosphere and friendly relationship salute marked the first MEGA VIZURA KIDS DAY.