Historical View



Basketball club ¨Avala-Ada¨ from Belgrade was established on 12th December , in 1998, by the group of basketball enthusiasts. The club was named by the name of this corporation and it was working inside the sports association that was established at the same time.

In the spring of 1999, ¨Avala-Ada¨ was a winner in Regional league of Belgrade , so called summer league. By this result the standing into the second Serbian league was achieved.

During the season of 1999/2000, the club had an ambition to step forward into the first Serbian league and that aim was succeeded.

The third place was won after the first season inside the first Serbian league (2000/01).

In the second season played in Serbian league, the third place was won again (2001/02)

After unsuccessful play-off for the standing into the I B Serbian league in the season 2002/03, the club achieved the aim throughout qualification that was played in Novi Becej. Vrbas and Zeta were left behind.

In the first season inside the I B Serbian league (2003/04) the club won third place.

Finally, in the season of 2004/2005, by the great help of the eminent agency ¨BEOBASKET¨ from Belgrade , who took Management of the club, the biggest success of this young club was achieved. The club finished competition in Serbian I B league on the 2nd position, what was enough to advance in YUBA League, what s the highest level of clubs competition in Serbia and Montenegro.

On the 19th of December 2005, the club has changed the name. The new name of the club is MEGA BASKET. At the same time the club signed very important sponzorship agreement with Company ISHRANA Smederevo, and in the season 2005 06 the club is officialy named MEGA ISHRANA.

After signing new sponsorship agreements , the club changed its name to Aqua mont , and then in the Mega Hypo Leasing . In the 2009 season the club has changed in the Mega Vizura , which is used until the 2014/15 season , when the new sponsorship deal comes a new name – Mega Leks .