Player Profile

Luka Cerovina

13 Guard/Forward

Nationality: Serbia
Date of birth: 08.04.2000
Height: 201 cm
Weight: 99 kg
Nickname: Cera


Luka Cerovina was born on 8 April 2000 in Kragujevac, he is 201 centimeters tall and plays at the positions 2 and 3. To the ranks of Mega he came in 2016, and in the meantime, he performed for the cadet and junior selections of the club. With the junior team in 2017 he won the second place at the F8 junior Euroleage tournament in Istanbul. In 2018 he won junior ABA league in with the juniors of Mega. At the junior Euroleague qualifying tournament held in February 2018, he was selected in the All-tournament team. He debuted for the first team in the season 2017/18.

In the season 2022/23 he is the captain of Mega MIS


2016 – Mega Bemax
2018/19 – OKK Beograd (dual licence)
2019- Mega Basket


Player stats

Season: 2020/21   ABA League
Mega Soccerbet2116.94.817-3816-5518-


Season: 2021   Serbian Superleague
Mega Soccerbet812.46.16-1111-244-


Season: 2018/19   ABA League
Mega Bemax613.84.52-67-162-


Season: 2018/19   Serbian Basketball League/SuperLeague 
OKK Beograd2921.58.941-9645-12342-530.


Season: 2018   Super League (Serbia)
Mega Bemax1214.94.69-176-1412-


Season: 2017/2018 Junior ABA League
Mega Bemax616.88.09-176-1412-


Season: 2018 ANGT Euroleague qualfication Tournament – Belgrade
Mega Bemax427.318.017-286-1720-