Player Profile

Andrija Grbović

16 Forward/Power Forward

Nationality: Montenegro
Date of birth: 16.09.2003.
Height: 207 cm
Weight: 94 kg
Nickname: Grba


Andrija Grbovic was born on September 16, 2003. in Pljevlja, he is 207 centimetres tall and plays in positions 3 and 4. He came to Mega during the summer of 2021, where he first played the Serbian Basketball League for OKK Beograd and then won the U19 ABA League with U19 Mega, where he was also named as the MVP of the Final Tournament.

For the senior team, Mege made his debut in the Supeleague in 2022.


2018-21  – Ulm (Germany)
2021-22 – OKK Beograd (Serbia)
2022-  Mega Mozzart (Serbia)

Player stats

Season: 2021/22 Serbian Basketball League
OKK Beograd2722.410.071-13026-6551-731.


Season: 2021/22 U19 ABA League 
U19 Mega Mozzart630.522.038-609-2329-354.