Player Profile

Blaž Mesiček

77 Shooting Guard

Nationality: Slovenia
Date of birth: 12.06.1997
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 86 kg
Nickname: Blaž


Blaz Mesicek was born on June 12, 1997, he is 197 centimeters tall and plays at positions 2 and 3. He started his senior career in Olimpija, from where he moved to Italian Brindisi in 2016 where he spent the nest 2 years. He returned to the ranks of Olimpija in 2018, and after a few months moved to the Italian Pistoia to the end of the season. For Pistoia he averaged 8.5 points and 2.3 rebounds in the Italian Championship.

Mesicek played for the youth Slovenian national team selections and played for the A team in World Cup qualifiers.


2014/15 – Skofja Loka
2015/16, 2016/17 – Union Olimpija
2016-18 – Brindisi
2018/19 – Petrol Olimpija
2018/19 – Pistoia
2019/20 – Mega Bemax

Player stats for season 2018/2019

Season: 2018/19   Italian Lega Basket  
Pistoia Basket 20001121.78.515-475-2548-580.