Mega Bemax secured the playoffs of the SuperLeague since they beat Dynamic VIP PAY with 125:98 (32:14, 41:27, 27:35, 25:22) in the match ninth round in hall Mega Factory. Players of coach Dejan Milojevic played a particularly fantastic first half in which they scored 73 points with a shot for 3 points 11 out of 16, so the question of the winner was not in jeopardy by the end of the match. With this triumph, Mega has two wins lead  to the followers Dynamic and Novi Pazar, confirming the play-off in which Mega will play against Crvena zvezda mts. The coach of Mega Bemax at this match could not count on Andrija Marjanovic while Goga Bitadze was in the roster, but he did not enter the game.

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Nikola Miskovic with 30 points (6 threes) and Stefan Fundic with 22 points. In Dynamic the best were Djoko Salic with 28 points and Mirko Djeric with 27.

After 9 rounds, Mega Bemax took 2nd place with 6 wins and 3 defeats while Dynamic stayed on 4 wins. In the last round on Thursday, May 30, at 7:30 pm, Mega will play in Pancevo against Tamis.

Dejan Milojevic started the match with Asceric, Mokoka, Atic, Ilic, Miskovic. Ilić opens the match with dunk and then Miškovic and Atic continued with triples, so Mega leads 13:9. From that moment Mega starts 19:2 series with a few great moves by Mokoka and Atic, so the result after the first 10 minutes 32:14.

Mega continues with long range field goals with 7 threes in a short period, although Dynamic was very precise for 3, so result is is 63:36. Fundic greatly resolves several situations under the basket and after 18 minutes of play is already plus 30, 69:39. Ilic scored the 41th point in the second quarter and result is 73:41 at the halftime.

Dynamic managed to link the game at the beginning of the second half and to reduce the difference to 23 points, but Fundic, Mokoka and Miskovic denied this attack by the visiting team, so that Fundic with dunk took Mega already to 100 points at the end of the third quarter, 100:76.

In the final quarter, players from bench got more minutes on the court so the final score was 125:98.

Mega Bemax: Janjic 4, Zaric 5, Asceric 8, Miskovic 30, Carapic 7 (9 assists), Atic 13, Bitadze, Koprivica 9, Mokoka 18 (8 assists), Ilic 9 (10 rebounds), Fundic 22.

Dynamic VIP PAY: Grbovic 7, Beslac 19, Djordjevic 2, Kutlesic, Vasiljevic 3, Stepanovic, Djeric 27, Rakicevic 5, Jovanovic, Ostojic 3, Slijepcevic 4, Salic 28.

Photo: Mega Bemax