Mega Bemax within the 21st round of the ABA League failed to make a big surprise in Sremska Mitrovica since the current champion Buducnost VOLI celebrated with 70:77 (11:17, 18:19, 15:19, 26:22). The players of coach Dejan Milojevic managed to reduce the difference of the visiting team on several occasions, but their bad shot, primarily for 3 points (3 out of 25), eventually denied their chances to fight in an uncertain finish. Mega Bemax coach on this match due to injury could not count on Ognjen Carapic, who was in roster, but did not enter the game.

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Edin Atic with 15 points, who also had 11 rebounds and 6 assists, as well as Zoran Nikolic with 14 points. Goga Bitadze scored 22 points in Buducnost.

After the 21st round of the ABA league, Mega Bemax kept 5th place with a score of 10-11 while Budućnost recorded the 15th win. In the last round of the ABA league this season, Mega will be visiting Crvena zvezda mts on Saturday, March 16th at 7 pm.

Dejan Milojević started the match with Asceric, Mokoka, Atic, Mišković and Nikolic. Solid defense on both sides at the start of the match, where Asceric scored the first points from the paint for Mega. A short post in the Mega’s attack breaks Miskovic with three for 9: 9. Buducnost scores after offensive rebounds, but Asceric with points from the lay-up tied the match againt. Finish belongs to the guests which with the series 0:6 set the result after the first 10 minutes, 11:17.

An excellent defense of the Mega at the beginning of the second quarter, where Buducnost was held to only 2 points from free throws after 4 and a half minutes of play. Primarily with the points from the paint Mega comes to 19:19, but Buducnost manages to regain the advantage from the counters. One minute and a half to finish is a plus for 10 for Buducnost, but Mega through the points of Fundic and Ratkovica did not allow further separating, so the score at halftime is 29:36.

After halftime break, Nikolic on several occasions fights well in the Buducnost racket, but the hosts denied attack of Mega. Bitadze with a few dunks brings Buducnost up to plus 15, and the score before the last 10 minutes is 44:55.

Atic moved the teammates in the attack in the last section, Mega managed to reduce to 7 points difference, but in several attacks missed the chance to reach the egal. Buducnost with lay-ups and dunks manages to avoid an uncertain finish, so the score at the end is 70:77.

Mega Bemax: Janjic, Marjanovic 2, Ratkovica 3, Ascerić 6, Misković 10 (8 rebounds), Carapic, Atic 15 (11 rebounds, 6 assists, index 27), Koprivica, Nikolic 14, Mokoka 6, Fundic 6, Stanic 8.

Buducnost VOLI: Jackson 12, Cole 12, Su. Sehovic 6, E. Clark 10, Barovic 1, C. Clarke 6, Se. Sehovic 5, Gordic 3, Bitadze 22, Popovic, Bell, Williams.

Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov