Mega Bemax advanced to the semi-finals of Radivoj Korac Cup, after they had a big reversal and with 26:11 in the last quarter, celebrated against Borac in hall Cair in Nis with 73:69. At the press conference after the match, the coach of Mega Bemax Dejan Milojevic said that the team found the energy and eventually deservedly celebrated:

– This game has once again shown why Cup is an interesting competition where surprises are always possible. We are a really better team, but we played very, very badly for 30 minutes. After that we found the energy, made a reversal and deservedly won. Borac knew what he wanted and if they had won, it would not be undeserved, but at the same time I think a better team is going further.

Milojević said who he expects in the semifinals:

– Zvezda, of course. As we were a better team than Borac and they were close to a surprise, so I think we also have a chance. Everyone has a chance. I believe in this, this will not be an important game in half an hour, it’s played day by day, only victory is remembered. How you play one day is not a guarantee how you will play the other,

Milojevic pointed out, and on the question of the journalist was he pleased with Miskovic’s game, Milojevic said that he was satisfied how Miskovic was developing:

– Now I’m talking as a former player, not as a coach – when you play a disastrous game, only real players can cut and play great. This shows the quality of Nikola and what kind of player he is growing up. It is not easy after all of those mistakes, offensive and defensive, to play that finish. I am very pleased how is he evolving,

Milojevic said.

Guard Mega Bemax Luka Asceric played an excellent with 15 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists, and at a press conference after the match, he pointed out that the team will try to transfer the game from the last quarter to the semifinals:

– It’s an important way we won because we are a young team, it’s not easy to get back from -18, but we did it. The difference is not important, it’s a win. Now we are turning to the semifinals, we need to correct the mistakes we made in the first half in the semi-finals and to play in the way we finished the quarterfinals, 

Asceric said.

Photo: Mega Bemax/Dragoslav Zarkovic