Mega Bemax juniors in the match of the 13th round of Roda Junior League of Serbia beat Actavis Academy in Leskovac with 45:82 (8:30, 9:20, 21:15, 7:17). The players of coach Branko Milisavljevic has resolved the question of the winner in the first half when they scored 50 and received only 17 points.

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax was Marko Brekic with 15 points, and very good game had also Bosko Bumbic with 13 points, 14 rebounds and 7 assists.

After 13 rounds of Roda Junior League of Serbia, the juniors of Mega Bemax have a score of 10-3 and in the next round, Mega will host Sloga.

Mega Bemax: Music 6, Milojevic 4, Milosevic, Kljajevic 9, Bumbic 13 (14 rebounds, 7 assists, index 33), Andric 12, Markovic 5 (12 rebounds, 6 assists), Miskovic 2, Brekic 15, P. Kovacevic, V. Kovacevic 3, Musikic 13.

Photo: Mega Bemax / Ivica Veselinov