Mega Bemax lose a victory against South American champions San Lorenzo after the Argentine team celebrated with 85:83 (16:18, 23:27, 20:21, 26:17) at the Atlantis Imperial Arena in the mini-tour in the Bahamas. Players of coach Dejan Milojevic had the advantage during most of the match, they managed to deny San Lorenzo’s series on several occasions, but they were not concentrated enough in the finish, so San Lorenzo with three pointer with 3.5 second to go, eventually celebrated..

Mega Bemax on Sunday, August 12, an hour after midnight plays with the Kentucky Wildcats as a central event in the Bahamas, with a live broadcast on TV Arena Sport as well as on two ESPN channels.

The most effective in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Kostja Mushidi with 20 and Goga Bitadze with 15 points, while Marcos Mata scored 19 points in the San Lorenzo team.

Mega basketball players had a good start and won a two-digit lead in the first quarter, 7:18, but the Argentine team played better at the end of the quarter, so the result was after the first 10 minutes was 16:18 in favor of Mega, with a good game of Asceric and Mushidi. In the second quarter, Bitadz played good, Mega reached 12 points advantage, but San Lorenzo did not allow further growing of minus, so at the half-time was 39:45.

The third quarter was marked by Kostja Mushiidija, who with 11 points in this period denied the attacks of the Argentine team, so Mega had a 59:66 advantage before the last 10 minutes. In the last quarter, San Lorenzo with a 8:0 series got into the lead (72:70), but Mega succeeded to deny this attack and returned the advantage of 5 points. Nevertheless, in the finish Argentine team played better, at the end celebrated with three pointer with 3.5 seconds to the end. 

San Lorenzo de Almagro: Curnell 5, Dawson 2, Tucker 13, Simms 16, Mata 19, Aguirre, Fjellerup 3, Vildoza 9, Cardo, Calfani, Bihurriet, Merrezuelo, Meyinse 18.

Mega Bemax: Mushidi 20 (5 rebounds), Janjic, Marjanovic 3, Ratkovica 1, Ascerić 11 (5 rebounds, 6 assists), Carapic 2, Mokoka 9, Bitadze 15, Stanic 6, Koprivica 4, Miskovic 2, Fundic 10 (5 rebounds).

Photo: San Lorenzo de Almagro