Mega Bemax players have been in the Bahamas for several days, where on August 12, an hour after midnight, they will play a friendly match with Kentucky, one of the best American universities, and before that, on the same time on August 11, they play against the South American champion, San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Mega’s expedition is located in the magnificent Atlantis Resort, a five-star hotel complex with seven and a half thousand employees, which is now completely in the basketball. Even two thousand Kentucky fans traveled to Bahamas where the team with the most wins in the history of the NCAA League (2256) will play four friendly games. The central event on their tour is just a duel with Mega Bemax.

– The conditions here in the Bahamas are really extraordinary,

says Mega Bemax coach Dejan Milojevic and adds:

– The hotel is gorgeous. We are literally on the paradise island where you have a million content. How serious this Resort is said the fact that for the purpose of this tour of the University of Kentucky, one conference hall has been rearranged into a basketball hall that can accommodate about two thousand spectators,

says Milojevic.

The overture for the duel with Kentucky, Mega will have against the current South American champion and Argentina’s three in the row champion, San Lorenzo de Almagro. This match is scheduled for Saturday, an hour after midnight, and Milojevic emphasizes that this is a team that represents a mix of young domestic players and highly experienced internationals. He is expecting a good game which will be the general test for the match with Kentucky.

– We had problems with the time difference. It is not easy to adjust, because the difference is six hours compared to Serbia. For this reason, in Belgrade, we tried to prepare for it with the trainings that started at midnight. Also, the game will be played by college rules, but we are all highly motivated for this duel. The importance attached to our game with Kentucky is best illustrated by the fact that the ESPN will be live broadcasting in prime time,

said Milojevic and then spoke about the University of Kentucky:

– No doubt it is one of the best American universities that has given the most basketball players for the NBA in history. We are honored by their call, especially since they have announced us as “European Kentucky”, because Mega has had a large number of drafted players in recent years. The great thing is that we have the opportunity to play with Kentucky, because it will be a chance to see where we are in relation to the best college in America and we really can not wait for the match to start. It will be an extraordinary challenge for me to lead a team against John Calipari, one of the best coaches in the world. We started preparations on July 16th, much earlier than usual. But, we consciously did this because you do not have the chance to play so often against a team like Kentucky. I hope that the audience, but also my players, will enjoy,

The match between Kentucky and Mega Bemax will have live broadcast on TV Arena Sport.

Photo: Mega Bemax