Mega Bemax won 96:90 against Zlatibor and confirmed third place in group A before the upcoming play-off, and in addition to winning, especially is good that the players that almost got out of the injury were the best, Kostja Mushidi (27 points) and Ognjen Jaramaz, who for the first time since the injury in March, played in the match and scored 20 points in 25 minutes with very important points in the finish of the match.

At a press conference after the match, Jaramaz pointed out that these victories are important for the confidence of the team:

– I’m glad we won, especially since we got the triumph in a tight finish. This is very important for our young team. Now is following the play-off, and this victory will also mean for our self-confidence. We still have plenty of room for improvement, we made a lot of mistakes, but in fact it’s not all that bad, because we won. I hope we can make a surprise in the quarter-finals of the playoffs where we are probably going on Partizan, because I think we are capable of that,

Jaramaz said.

Dejan Milojević pointed out that Mega deservedly triumphed in the match:

– I am satisfied with the victory because Zlatibor is a quality team. I congratulate them on the playoffs and I would like them to qualify for the ABA 2 league. We had two pretty good quarters, first and fourth, and two bad quarters, second and third. Zlatibor used this, they had good periods of play, even took the lead. However, we made a reversal and we deservedly triumphed. These matches are very useful for us, that we won in tight finishes, it’s the process of growing up and maturing for my team and I am very pleased about that,

Milojevic said.

Photo: Mega Bemax / Ivica Veselinov