The first day of the final tournament of the Triglav Cadet League of Serbia, which is played in the Mega Factory hall in Belgrade is ended and the teams that will continue to fight for the title on Saturday are Partizan NIS, Mega Bemax, Crvena zvezda mts and Borac.

On Saturday at 15:15, the first semi-final duel will be played by Crvena zvezda mts and Borac, while Mega Bemax will play against Partizan NIS from 17:30.

In the first match of the Final tournament of the Triglav Cadet League of Serbia, Partizan NIS won against Sports Star with 80:59 (18:16, 23:13, 17:12, 22:18) and advanced to the semifinals. After a slower start of the match for both teams, Partizan slowly raised the lead in the second quarter to end the half-time with 41:29 in favor of black and whites. In the third quarter, Partizan continued with a better game, plus increased to 20 points, after which the Sports World from Novi Sad did not manage to endanger the victory of black and whites.

Partizan NIS: Stefanovic 7, A. Suznjev 3, B. Suznjev 6, Mihailovic, Dautovic 25, Novakovic 12, Karapandzic 3, Veljkovic 6, Dangubic 4, Gorunovic 2, Tanaskovic 4, Brekic 8.

Sports World Star: Pilipovic 4, Skalicki, Bijelic 3, Atlagic 2, Sevo 12, Petrovic, Milkoski 9, Stojicic 16 (21 rebounds, 5 blocks), Prodanovic 13 (9 rebounds), Sinik, Gataric.

In the second match of the quarter-finals of the Triglav Cadet League of Serbia, the cadets of Mega Bemax have won against Vizura with 86:63 (25:12, 12:22, 21:16, 28:13), thus settling the duel in the semi-finals with the Partizan NIS on Saturday from 17:30.

The players of the coach Stefan Bulatovic have already reached the double-digit advantage in the first quarter, but there was a drop in the second quarter that the guests used to briefly lead. Nevertheless, Mega quickly returned and ended half with a 3 point lead, 37:34.

In the second half cadets of Mega played better, they had a plus 8 after the third quarter, and then in the last period routinely brought the game to an end for the final 86:63.

The best in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Aleksandar Langovic with 22 points and 11 rebounds and Novak Miskovic with 11 points and 10 rebounds while Matija Radunovic scored 13 points in the Vizura.

Mega Bemax: Musić 12, Paunovic 5, Draganic 6, Kljajevic 6, Agoc. P. Kovacevic 1, Langovic 22 (11 rebounds, PIR 32), Andric 9 (6 assists, 7 rebounds), Miskovic 11 (10 rebounds), Musikic 3, Cirovic 11, Mehic.

Vizura: Gusic, Andjusic 9, Lacmanovic 10, Todorovic 12, Ivanovic 4, Joksimovic, Otasevic, Radunovic 13, Trifkovic, Gole 8, Grbovic, Bojkovic 7.

In the break after the second semifinal match between Mega Bemax and Vizura, the opening ceremony of the Final tournament of the Triglav Cadet League of Serbia was held.

General Manager of Mega Bemax on behalf of the club welcomed everyone in the Mega Factory hall to the tournament.
Then to the all competitors and audience in the hall talked Vice president of Serbian Basketball Association Dusan Projovis, who officially announced the opening of the final tournament of the Triglav Cadet League of Serbia.
After the ceremonial opening of the tournament, in the third quarter-final match, Crvena Zvezda mts convincingly won against Radnicki with 92:62 (24:16, 24:22, 21:13, 23:11). Radnicki’s basketball players managed to stay in the game in the first half, but Crvena zvezda in the third quarter made a convincing advantage and in the end deservedly advanced to the semifinals. Unfortunately, the match also marked the knee injury of Crvena zvezda player Nikola Blagojevic who had to leave the game in the first quarter.

Crvena zvezda mts: Denic 4, Jovovic, Kolaric, Popovic 13 (9 rebounds), Manojlovic 8, Bosnjak 6, Vasic 26 (PIR 34), Blagojevic, Joksimovic 2, Tomasevic 17, Dimitrijevic 6, Zivanovic 10.

Radnicki: Petric 6, Djordjevic 1, Barac 14, Drobnjak 5, Gvozdenovic, Dimovski 10, Milojevic, Mi. Ilic 4, Stepanovic 16, Milic 2, Ma. Ilic 4.

In the last match of the first day of the Final Tournament Borac won against Zemun Fitofarmacija with 79:71 (20:14, 17:15, 29:21, 13:21). Borac players had the advantage during the entire match, but in the first half they failed to resolve the match. Still, in the third period they played even better, they reached 16 points of advantage which seemed to be enough for a calm finish. However, Zemun manages to drop the minus 6 points with 2 and a half to the end however, they did not have the strength to complete the turn, so Borac eventually celebrated with 79:71.

Borac: Kovacevic, Radovanović, Lazarevic, Sucic 9, Stojanovic 8 (9 rebounds), Tutunovic 17, Bumbic 31 (PIR 33), Glisovic, Janjic, Micovic 11 (12 rebounds), Maric, Savic 3.

Zemun Fitofarmacija: Rankovic, Zubac, Milosevic-Jaric 12, Obajdin, Spasic, Djinovic 5, Litera, Galic 7, Pavicevic 11, Markovic 22 (14 rebounds, 5 blocks, PIR 41), Bijelica 1, Jankovic 13. Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov