Mega Bemax’s players have rightly opened this year’s Super League competition since they won in the first round against Tamis with 86:77 (25:29, 22:10, 13:18, 26:20). Since the start of the second quarter, Dejan Milojevic’s players kept the lead in the Mega Factory hall in Belgrade, but Tamis has repeatedly managed to return to the game. However, Mega’s players with the 7:0 series in the finish came to a well deserved victory. Coach of Mega on this match because of injuries could not count on Ognjen Jaramaz, Kostja Mushidi, Stefan Fundic and Mihailo Jovicic.

The best in the ranks of Mega Bemax were Aleksandar Lazic with 19 points, Goga Bitadze with 16 and Nikola Miskovic with 15. Ivan Smiljanić was the best in Tamis with 17 points. In n the next round on Saturday 21 April at 21 o’clock Mega Bemax will play against Crvena zvezda mts in the hall Aleksandar Nikolic.

For the specators in the hall Mega Factory was prepared a couple of suprises, including the orchestra who played during the breaks during the game, as well as the announcers on the roller skates.

Milojevic started the match with the following five: Carapic, Cerovina, Marjanovic, Miskovic. Bitadze. Guests better started the match while Bitadze was good in Mega. Tamis arrives to plus 10, but Lazic and Miskovic with triples hold the connection and Asceric also had a good roll, so Mega slowly melts the minus so the first quarter ends with 25:29

A great start to the second quarter for Mega who played far better in the defense, so that with the points of Carapic and Bitadze got into the lead. After a good minutes of Bitadze on both sides of the court, Samardziski continues where Goga stopped. With Points of Carapic Mega reached plus 11, 47:36 and half-time ended 47:39.

After the break at the half, in the third quarter, a great fight was seen, Mega never managed to resolve the match, because every mistake Tamis would successfully punish, so the result before the last quarter was 60:57.

In the last quarter Mega through Lazic and Bitadze reached plus 13, 73:60 it seemed that the match was resolved, but the guests from Pancevo make the series 3:14 with 3 minutes until the end. Lazic then struck a tough lay-up, Miskovic hit three and Lazic scores fter the excellent assistance of Miskovic. Tamis hits three pointer, but in the next attack Bitadze with his 5th block stops the attack of the guests so that Mega celebrated with the final 86:77.

At the break in the half, a mini basketball match was played among the participants of the Mega Bemax basketball school, for which eventually were prepared gift pack of company Roda.

Mega Bemax: Music, Marjanovic, Asceric 7, Carapic 8 (4 assists), Bitadze 16 (9 rebounds, 5 blocks, PIR 23), Lazic 16 (9 rebounds, PIR 24), Koprivica 7, Samardziski 4 (2 blocks), Miskovic 15 (5 rebounds), Cerovina 10 (6 rebounds), Fundic.

Tamiš: Djordjevic, Socanac 7, Ilkic 4, Balovic, Vitkovic 6, Raicevic, Smiljanic 19, Savic 11, Knezevic 17, Hristov, Stanojevic 8, Mitrovic 5.

Foto: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov